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Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

  • Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

Artificial Intelligence is the most important technology of our era; specifically machine learning (ML), i.e. the machine’s ability to learn through training and so continuously improve its performance. ML systems are trained to do specific tasks and typically their knowledge does not generalize. They find application in a wide range of industries/sectors, including advertising, e-commerce, finance, health care, education, home appliances and more. ML systems are excellent digital learners that can outperform humans, offering great benefits to the organizations incorporating them in their operations.

AI and ML are successful as supervised learning systems, i.e. systems to be trained to identify the correct answers to given problems with high accuracy. Examples in the Health Sector are AI systems developed to diagnose different types of cancer in early stages.

Unsupervised learning systems on the other hand, learn on their own without training or with minimum human interference. There is the risk in this case however, for a system to `fail` when human beings cannot interpret the results that are nonsensical for them, given that the system cannot explain its findings on its own. 

Despite the extended usage of AI in businesses globally, the game changing opportunities have not been identified yet. In the coming years AI will be more widely used in automobile, manufacturing, transportation, health care, finance, education, journalism, e-commerce and eventually in any industry/sector as long as the business leaders identify new ways for innovation and exploitation of AI.

When we learn to build robust unsupervised learners, exciting opportunities or great threats will open up. As Elon Musk warns, ``AI will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity`` depending on the way humanity is going to exploit its power. One thing is for sure; AI will give us the opportunity for future applications that we may not even be able to imagine today.

Image Source: Artificial Intelligence creates results that are human and not human (source Harvard Business Review,

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